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bring on the babies

I'm proud to offer a range of photography & video services - for your baby bump, precious milestones, or individual portrait sessions!  (Psst... ask me about my styling options!)

Sessions with me are laid back and fun!  You don't have to worry about cleaning the house or the mood your kids are in... I promise I can handle it.  I like to consider myself a lifestyle photographer, and my top priority is to provide you with a stress-free photography experience that will meet your needs (and one you'll want to tell your friends about!) 
I love natural light, but can also dig a studio vibe if that's your jam! 


Take me along for the ride!  Sharing in your journey from Maternity > Newborn > first Milestone* is just the kind of thing that makes this girl brain super happy.  I currently offer for-life family discounts when you bundle your sessions >>>

did l mention...  

Just like many of you moms (and dads too!) I wear multiple hats, and rock each one of them!  I have a jack-in-the-box set of skills and am always ready to put them to the test.  

Are you a local business owner?  It would be my pleasure to offer portrait and branding sessions for your new, growing, or rebranded business. 

Let's chat!

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 Visit me on Facebook for some kind words from even kinder people <3

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